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MotoTT Manfeild 2 Day Event

12/10/2024 07:30am to 13/10/2024 04:30pm


MotoTT host regular motorcycle track days at Manfeild Motorsport Park.

MotoTT track days are designed to be a fun, non-competitive environment for you to enjoy riding your bike in a safe environment and to practice your riding skills. Go as fast or as slow as you like with no cars to worry about. Experienced coaches are available at every event at no extra charge.

EV or Hybrid motorcycles are not permitted to enter our events. This is a circuit rule.

MotoTT track days are designed for qualified riders holding an NZ driver's licence (with a motorcycle class 6 category), and MNZ issued licence (Motorcycling NZ) or their overseas equivalents.

There is no speed limit on the track. You may go as fast or as slow as you like. However, choose a group to ride in that best suits your riding ability. We normally run 4 riding groups.

Group 1 is for expert/experienced riders who wish to ride at a fast pace.
Group 2 is for experienced/intermediate riders.
Group 3 is for intermediate riders.
Group 4 is for less experienced riders or first-timers on the track who wish to ride at a slower pace.

Please do not book into a group that is not suitable for your skill level because the other groups are full. We cannot run over our maximun numbers.

Purpose designed motorcycle textile (G3 & G4) or leather road riding safety gear with impact protection in good condition (full-face helmet, gloves, boots, jacket, pants) are required.

Open face helmets, denim jackets, jeans and sneakers are not acceptable as riding gear for riders riding on the track. Although not mandatory we recommend wearing a purpose designed seperate back protector.

Any questions? email us at;

Please note: All prices are quoted in NZ dollars.

Please refer to our terms and conditions located at the bottom of the page or click the link below.

Buy tickets online

Ticket Type Ticket Price Quantity Subtotal

Two Day Entry - Fast - Group 1

Info $325.00

Two Day Entry - Medium-Fast - Group 2

Info $325.00

Two Day Entry - Medium - Group 3

Info $325.00

Two Day Entry - Suzuki Upskill - Group 4

Info $325.00

Sat 12th - Fast - Group 1

$175.00 Unavailable

Sat 12th - Medium-Fast - Group 2

$175.00 Unavailable

Sat 12th - Medium - Group 3

$175.00 Unavailable

Sat 12th- Suzuki Upskill - Group 4

$175.00 Unavailable

Sun 13th - Fast - Group 1

$175.00 Unavailable

Sun 13th - Medium-Fast - Group 2

$175.00 Unavailable

Sun 13th - Medium - Group 3

$175.00 Unavailable

Sun 13th - Suzuki Upskill - Group 4

$175.00 Unavailable


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