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Southern Tour 2024 Cars Individual Tracks

19/02/2024 08:00am to 28/02/2024 04:30pm


Playday Southern Tour 2024

You can now book your entry for individual tracks. Each track is a two day event.

Playdays give everyone the opportunity to bring their car to the track, be it a modified Subaru, the latest model Porsche or your daily drive. Here, you can test it to its limits in a safe and controlled environment while sharing experiences with other like-minded car enthusiasts. Playday is an easy way for car and motorsport professionals or novices to have a go. It is also the perfect opportunity for those already in Motorsport to test their race car or fine-tune their driving technique before an event.

Your entry will give you six 15 minute sessions on track. Any additional drivers will share your six sessions.

All drivers and passengers (caged cars only) must wear all compulsory safety gear when on the track, this includes a helmet, covered shoes and 100% cotton overalls.

Hybrid or fully battery powered cars are not permitted on The Southern Tour.


All open cars (i.e. soft top convertibles) must have roll protection, either factory fitted such as: Boxter, S2000, Z3, Z4, 350z, 370z & Elise etc. or suitable aftermarket roll protection if it is not Factory fitted. Fibreglass hard tops are not sufficient as roll protection. If you are unsure, please send us an email.


Levels Racetrack at Timaru started life “out in the country” but now has a number of neighbors'. As a result the track can only be hired 75 days per year & they have a few rules they must abide by,

Those rules flow on to us & must be respected. As a result the following must be complied with & it really isn’t difficult

1. Noise levels must not exceed 95.0dBA (That’s fairly loud)

2. Helmets must meet Motorsport NZ Current standards. These can be found in the Motorsport manual.

3. Overalls must be CLEAN & Fire Retardant or Self Extinguishing. 100% Cotton is deemed self extinguishing. (Poly Cotton blends do not comply) Enclosed footwear must be worn.

4. A Fire Extinguisher, minimum 1kg Powder or 1 ltr Foam securely mounted in the car with a metal bracket with 2 clips. (Super Cheap Autos have these for around $30.00)

5. Oil catch can, this is mainly for modified cars as most standard vehicles vent the crank case back into the air intake system, any vehicle venting the crank case to the atmosphere must be fitted with an oil catch can.

6. Secured Battery, factory metal brackets are fine unless your car has a modification that requires something more.

Scrutineering at Levels will be done by Levels scrutineers as per their request; this will not be hard but a general safety check. As your car will either be up to race or WOF standard there should be no problem.

Noise levels must not exceed 95.0dBA at any track.

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