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Southern Tour 2024 Bikes Individual Tracks

24/03/2024 07:00am to 03/04/2024 04:30pm


Riding gear requirements for Motorcyclists;

To participate in Playday Events you’ll need some essential riding gear. Listed below are the minimum requirements.

• Leather jacket and leather pants which zip securely together, or for the slower groups road motorcycle clothing is permitted but must be zip together. No “Dragon jeans” or similar allowed.

• Leather motorcycle boots (boots must overlap pants or pants must overlap boots, so as no skin or other clothing can be seen);

• Leather motorcycle gloves – gloves with carbon fibre or Kevlar knuckling and/or palms are strongly recommended (gloves must overlap jacket sleeves i.e. no wrist length gloves);

• Full-face helmet minimum of New Zealand, Australian, DOT or Snell approved, visor must be correctly secured;

• Back protectors and chest protectors are not mandatory but strongly recommended.

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